T.M. Wells lives outside of Toronto with her husband and three children. She enjoys doing activities as a family. Those activities include skating, hiking, swimming, camping, going to the movies and so much more.

T.M. Wells has always loved reading books.  Over the years she has went through stages of reading different genres. (Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Biographies, Thrillers, and of course Children’s books).

About two years ago, she started to (seriously) write her first draft of Entangled.  Prior to that, it was only a distant thought or wish. The ideas just flowed naturally, that lead to non-stop writing in the evening, after she put her children to bed.  At first, the goal was to complete her first manuscript, as a personal achievement. Once it was complete, the idea of getting it published seemed more possible.

She enjoys many artistic forms including pencil drawings, painting, and creating art journals.