Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.46.53 AMEntangled:

Cerise’s childhood was not easy. She had to grow up quickly and learn how to take care of herself, independently. The unfortunate events in her past, affected her deeply, leaving her guarded and selective on the people she let into her life. Memories of her past haunted her daily life. When suspicious notes surfaced, she had to sacrifice her independence for her safety.

Cerise did not make time for a ‘LOVE LIFE’! Avoidance was Cerise’s solution, when it came to love. She did not want to get hurt, the way her mother did, when it came to relationships. She preferred to spend time with her friends. Carter was one of them! Would she risk their friendship for romance? Everything seemed so simple, when she was with Carter.

Cerise was an entrepreneur, with ambitious goals. Her career was her life! She accepted a major business ‘Contract’ to oversee financial investments, between two wealth executives, who were merging their businesses. It was the biggest opportunity of her career. However, with a sexy-cute CEO in the picture, would this ‘Merger’ cost her more than she bargained for? Was it a disaster from the beginning? Or, was it the best thing that could have happened to her?

She had to face her past, deal with the present, and make decisions that would affect her future.



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